50 Cent Throws Massive Shade At T.I. – See Their Messages For Each Other

50 Cent Throws Massive Shade At T.I. – See Their Messages For Each Other

50 Cent cannot have a day off from his shading program, and now he’s posting on rapper T.I. He’s actually addressing a potential Verzuz battle between the two of them.

‘From the desk of the Executive producer of CBS New hit show 24/7. This pretty little light-skinned n!66a never made any music harder than me. LOL 😆, but yeah, we can make some money. @troubleman31 POWER Sunday,’ 50 posted on his social media account.

Tip wrote: ‘From the iPhone of the Executive Producer & STAR of CBS’s new hit showrooms 24/7 … you can’t fu*k with a picture of me ni66a‼️👑’

50 Cent wrote: ‘These little n!66as be angry, don’t worry you’ll be a Big Dog like me one day. 🥱for now you’ll just be. I like that jacket, not bad. LOL #STARZ POWER SUNDAY!’

And Tip responded with: ‘Pull ya BAD ASS UP den BIG DAWG Homie OG‼️ Cmon‼️ wit ya 1 album & them other Lil Luke warm songs u got…gon dust that shit off kid👑’

50 Cent also shaded Tip’s beard: ‘Bro ya beard is not quite connecting like your music. You do know i did 10,000,000 on the second album too. 👀😆🥱you just make sure you’re at work on time. OK #STARZ POWER this Sunday. #bransoncognac’

Some fans believe that this is a staged beef: ‘Def staged beef 50 dont take part in nothing he can’t control,’ a commenter said.

Another follower said: ‘We don’t care about this fake boring beef….next,’ and someone else posted this message: ’50 low key bullying bro now . That’s that New York attitude!’

A commenter wrote: ‘Numbers reflect hype not quality. He did that because his first album so good. Tip has way more quality albums than fif.’

One other follower said: ’50 too old n rich to b doing anything more than living his best life lol he needs to chill.’

Someone else posted this: ‘He does look a little rough….. but we want ti verzuz Jeezy at the Trap museum.’

In other more serious news, 50 Cent recently reacted to the police shooting a man in front of his kids.