A GreedFall expansion has been revealed in new partnership

A GreedFall expansion has been revealed in new partnership

Back in 2019, the world was introduced to GreedFall. The Spiders developed and Focus Home published a fantasy roleplaying game that gave us a glimpse into 17th-century adventures and colonialism. While it did not exactly endear itself to a large swathe of the RPG crowd, it did have some redeeming qualities. The story, combat, and systems that govern the game were quite good, but things got a little too repetitive to sustain interest. That said, the game still managed to sell over a million copies, and a GreedFall expansion has been revealed.

In partnership with Nacon, the GreedFall expansion will arrive alongside console ports for both the PS5 and the Xbox Series X and S. The announcement for the new content did not shed any more light on what to expect. However, the notable point is that Focus Home will be in charge of publishing the new expansion and additional content.

Again, what additional content is coming remains a mystery. This is certainly a property that will still be getting some love in the future.

Forge your path

The rich lands of Teer Fradee look ripe for even more adventures, and the new GreedFall expansion should address the lack of any DLC for the game. Currently, there is only an Adventurer’s Gear pack that contains weapons and an outfit.

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The new addition will likely give players more opportunities to explore factional conflict, make important decisions, and get into more romances with even more people. At least, that is what we are used to from the original game. More fantastical creatures will also likely make an appearance, and we cannot wait to pursue our destiny once more.

If the new announcement of a GreedFall expansion has you intrigued, jump into the original game at a discount now. GreedFall is on sale currently for $19.99 on both Steam and GOG as part of seasonal sales.