A Halo and Fall Guys crossover is reportedly on its way

A Halo and Fall Guys crossover is reportedly on its way

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout is no stranger to introducing crossover content, and the latest one seems to be with Halo. The family-friendly battle royale game is launching on new platforms and becoming a free-to-play game with crossplay on June 21. And it seems like Mediatonic will celebrate the occasion with a new Halo-themed event.

The leak comes from a trailer on the Bilibili social media account of developer Mediatonic. According to the trailer, the Fall Guys x Halo crossover event will launch on June 30. That’s not long after Fall Guys releases on Xbox platforms, so the timing makes sense. Players will be able to earn Master Chief’s MJOLNIR armor, a Grunt outfit, the cat-eared helmet from Halo Infinite, and a Brute Chieftain’s battle costume. The event will reportedly run from June 30 to July 4, and it will be available to play on PC.

The trailer itself is hilarious for fans of Halo 3. It’s a direct spoof on the classic “Believe” trailer for Halo 3, which depicted a detailed diorama of the human-Covenant war. Humans are on the back foot against the might of the Covenan, and it ends with a shot of Master Chief coming to life. It’s a somber trailer with beautiful piano notes. The new Fall Guys trailer attempts to replicate this with its adorable bean characters to humorous effect.

The latest of several crossovers for Fall Guys

Mediatonic has been doing its best to bring in new audiences with a wide variety of guest characters. Fall Guys has included plenty of unexpected crossovers, with Bomberman and even 2B from Nier: Automata joining the fold.

Fall Guys has also included PlayStation characters in the past, such as Ratchet and Clank, so it’s clear that the developer has no limits on where it can go for potential crossovers. Hopefully, that means we see Gordon Freeman in Bean form one day.

MT seemingly leaked the Halo trailer on Bilibili. Collab looks like it releases June 30th?

If you want it gone MT, shoot me a DM. pic.twitter.com/RkasvIAQYF