A new Batman Arkham teaser and ARG launches leading up to DC Fandome reveal

A new Batman Arkham teaser and ARG launches leading up to DC Fandome reveal

As was reported yesterday, WB Montreal, the creators of Batman: Arkham Origins, launched a teaser site for what everyone at this point knows is their next Batman game. The studio has been sending out cryptic tweets for over a year now, so when the website titled R3DAKT3D was launched yesterday with a date set for today, fans were expecting something.

Well, we technically got something, but it wasn’t much. At the promised time of 11 AM ET today, we got a tweet from WB Montreal with a secret code. Once the code was entered on the R3DAKT3D site, we got a four-day countdown with today marked off. This ARG tells us that there will be something to do for each day leading up to DC Fandome on Saturday, where the game is expected to be fully revealed.

Some fans noted that the tweet containing the code for this Batman Arkham teaser also contained another image of an owl flashing on the screen. This has been the trend for these tweets for some time now, further hinting at the Court of Owls. This image in particular seems to hint more towards Talon, the secret assassin employed by the Court. In the comics, they even tried to brainwash Dick Grayson, the original Robin, into taking up the mantle since Talon is more of a title than it is an individual person.


Once the code was input into the website and the countdown revealed, fans were able to download a mysterious image. The image appears to be a map, with a wireframe type image filter over it, similar to how maps have looked in previous Arkham games. Perhaps each day will show a new piece of the map to show off the size and scope of the game? The last entry in the series, Batman: Arkham Knight, was pretty huge compared to other games in the series. It was so big that the Batmobile, as maligned as it was, was an integral part of the game. It will be interesting to see what this new game brings to the table.

DC Fandome takes place this Saturday, August 22, and the WB Montreal panel begins at 1:30 PM ET. The panel will last for 20 minutes and will also feature a Q&A with the developers. Keep checking the WB Montreal Twitter page as well as the R3DAKT3D site for more Batman Arkham teasers and more information as we get closer to the date.