A possible sequel to Helldivers is being teased by the developer

A possible sequel to Helldivers is being teased by the developer

It’s been a long while since we’ve heard much from Helldivers developer Arrowhead Game Studios. But a TikTok posted to the developer’s official Twitter account might be teasing a Helldivers sequel. The video itself is a funny, if alarming, montage of fans asking for Helldivers 2, preceded by a shot of a folder that says “Secret Arrowhead Game Project.” And while the video is far from a confirmation, it could hint at what’s to come.

Helldivers came to Steam in December 2015, so it’s approaching its seventh anniversary. In that time, it has maintained an active community but one that has withered in recent years. At launch, it was favored for its difficulty and brutal features, and new players do come in to try the game out fairly consistently. But it’s clear that fans are ready for a Helldivers sequel.

A Helldivers sequel could be on the way

A sequel to Helldivers is exciting news if that’s the tease. However, if you cast your mind back to September last year, you’ll remember that the game may already have been leaked. The now infamous Nvidia GeForce NOW leak that prematurely revealed some titles still in development has turned out to be pretty interesting. Over the last few months, plenty of titles from that list have seen announcements. However, there’s one that has yet to have its reveal — Helldivers 2.

Helldivers 2015 Sequel Tease

It makes a lot of sense for a Helldivers sequel to come out soon. It’s definitely been long enough. Plus, it would be a little strange to release a video like they did and not follow it up with some kind of sequel. We may just see the game next week at Gamescom. We already know that Hogwarts Legacy will be there, alongside a potential reveal for Death Stranding on PC Game Pass. But in all seriousness, leaks and teases aren’t necessarily reveals for unannounced titles. So for the time being, it’s best to take any information about a Helldivers sequel lightly.