Actor Leonardo DiCaprio Is Accused Of Having Flings With Audrina Patridge In The Past

Actor Leonardo DiCaprio Is Accused Of Having Flings With Audrina Patridge In The Past

Leonardo DiCaprio, a well-known Hollywood actor, is the author of numerous acclaimed books. He has been happily dating model Camila Morrone for the past couple of years.

Audrina Patridge, a reality television personality, claimed that Leonardo DiCaprio had previously made advances toward her and flirted with her.

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Patridge said in her autobiography Choices: To the Hills and Back Again that she once attended a party in Las Vegas alongside Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green. Leo was there as well.

After the occasion, the group went to a bar, where Audrina said Leo made advances toward her.

“I was frequently contacted by a security officer who claimed that Leo would want to buy me a drink at his table. When I turned to face him, I saw that he was seated among supermodels. It was frightful!” she affirmed.

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Audrina said she would stop over and say hi, but she never showed up. Leo reportedly went to her table and presented himself, according to the actress.

We had a brief conversation after I assured him that I understood who he was, of course. After the trip to Vegas, he texted me briefly and asked for my phone number, but we never actually met in person, she added.

Since DiCaprio is renowned for his secrecy, Patridge pointed out that their date was impossible because she was filming in real life and the media were always watching.

The attractive “Gossip Girl” alum, now 37, and Patridge spent days swimming and playing pool together before, according to Patridge, taking their friendship “to another level.”

When the weekend was finished, Patridge claims she declined Crawford’s offer to drive her home. She alleges they “made vows to get together soon,” but they never started a committed relationship. Soon after, Patridge picked up her sporadic connection with now-ex-husband Corey Bohan again.