AK-xolotl Is a Unique Indie Battle Arena That Combines AK and Xolotls

AK-xolotl Is a Unique Indie Battle Arena That Combines AK and Xolotls

AK-xolotol is a shooter experience from indie developer 2AWesome Studio. This unique title comes from a partnered experience with Daniel Piqueras Constantin to bring his unique arcade battle experience filled with guns and a cute amphibian hero. Take on waves of predators in this strange yet adorable shooting adventure.

As a top-down shooter, this title includes some serious action. As a developmental feat, the title hopes to combine bloody action and cuteness. Due to its pixel expression, it actually ends up looking fairly good and getting the right feel for a causal yet competitive shooting experience.

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Enter into the unique AK-xolotol shooting experience. This is a cute amphibian’s dream when it comes to defending your lake from invaders. Defeat the enemy, last through the rounds, and build up points to get the highest score possible.

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You play as an Axolotl with an AK and this entire game is about defending your home with a gun. Fight off animals in a shooter arena as you take on waves after waves of predators, invaders, and more. The more you kill, the better your weapons get when it comes to defending your home.

The more you kill, the higher your score gets. Compete against your friends as you master the leaderboards. The higher your score, the more bragging rights you have to tell your friends.

The game includes 15 different weapons with varying stats and roles. Master all of the varients as you try and collect as many options as possible.

As you travel throughout the title’s levels you will discover a wide range of different power drops. These can be used to improve your Axolotl. Among other things, Axolotls can regenerate their limbs.

The game comes with three different map variations. Enjoy a unique and differing experience on each level as they make you more and more challenged.

The game includes a fully supported online leaderboard. Enjoy this child-friendly title with a sense of humor as you move further into mastering the powers of an AK Axolotl.

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AK-xolotol is expected to launch next year. Although the Steam page is live, it is unknown if this title is planning a release on any other platform. Prepare to enter into a strange world of animal brutality as you try to master the varying guns and mini bosses that appear throughout each of the combat rounds. Out of all the varying shooter arenas, this title is by far the cutest released this year.