Amazon’s F2P Lord of the Rings MMO targeted for 2022

Amazon’s F2P Lord of the Rings MMO targeted for 2022

The world of the Lord of the Rings is already rich with game adaptations. From the hack-and-slash genre to the MMORPG space, the fantasy world of J. R. R. Tolkien has breathed life into a multitude of experiences. There is a new Gollum game in development that will give us a glimpse into the creature’s life, while the long-running Lord of the Rings Online will be getting a visual overhaul to match the new Amazon TV series. However, that is not all. The previously announced free-to-play Lord of the Rings MMO now looks set to arrive in 2022.

The collaboration between Athlon Games and Amazon has been long known, but there was no information regarding the game’s release until now. Athlon Games, a subsidiary of Leyou, has kept its cards close to its chest. However, the recent acquisition of its parent company by Tencent meant that the information could not be kept under wraps for long.

Disclosure documents filed during the acquisition revealed that the Lord of the Rings MMO will launch between Q4 2021 to Q1 2023. It is likely to be in 2022 that we will experience another facet of Middle-Earth.

Fog of war

No other information is known about the Athlon Games developed property. We only know that it will be set further in the past than the book trilogy. With the rich lore and history of the fantasy world, it will be interesting to see just where the developer draws its inspirations from.

Lord of the Rings MMO 

Fans should be cautiously optimistic about this Lord of the Rings MMO. After all, there is no proper benchmark to look at when it comes to both Amazon and Athlon Games in this space. How the game will ultimately turn out remains to be seen. 2022 is still far away, and things could change easily.

In the meantime, there is still the next-gen Gollum game to look forward to. Likewise, if the MMO genre is more your cup of tea, consider Lord of the Rings Online.