American Truck Simulator rolls in with its big 1.45 Update

American Truck Simulator rolls in with its big 1.45 Update

SCS launched a big update for American Truck Simulator, bringing the game version up to 1.45. Update 1.45 adds a new city for the Wyoming expansion and new types of trailers to own, refreshes of some in-game company brands, provides mod support for multiplayer mode, and more.

The wealth of improvements made to the game span from some quality of life adjustments to entirely new features. The new city added to the sim’s Wyoming expansion is the picturesque settlement of Cody, which includes a variety of famous landmarks, new industrial job points, and a new way to see Yellowstone National Park.

American Truck Simulator players will now be able to own their own tank trailers, which come in two kinds: fuel tanks and silos. The former is self-explanatory, but the latter will allow you to haul bulk materials such as sand, concrete, or grain. Each new trailer comes in different configurations, and new types of tank trailers will join them “in the future.”

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New wheels, new steel

In order to inject new life across American Truck Simulator’s virtual USA, the designers at SCS have revamped various gas stations and truck stops. This has been done in an effort to “bring a fresh, modern and more realistic look” to the infrastructure. Outside of job sites, these are the primary points of interaction, so this new coat of paint isn’t surprising.

Mods have long existed that replace the fake in-game brands with real-world names, but these will suffice for those who like to keep the look of the sim more vanilla. Speaking of mods, the still young multiplayer mode, Convoy, has finally received mod-support of its own.

Not only will mods now receive support, but players can join sessions that use a mod they don’t have.

Finally, two small QOL changes include now having easily togglable rain sensor options from the menu and the ability to hide the inaccessible road markers. That should help if you want a cleaner world just for the sake of less distraction or better screenshots.

Update 1.45 comes just days ahead of the next big expansion for American Truck Simulator — the northwestern state of Montana. Known as “Big Sky Country,” this state harbors a lot of natural wonders and heavy industries. The expansion will contain 15 named settlements and many miles of new, farm-laden roads to explore.