American Truck Simulator Wyoming DLC will see a graphical overhaul

American Truck Simulator Wyoming DLC will see a graphical overhaul

Back in November, SCS Software gave us a glimpse of what was next for the American Truck Simulator juggernaut. The teaser trailer may not have shown much, but it was enough for sharp-eyed fans to spot references to tie it to the state of Wyoming. Instead of keeping things under wraps, the developers have now come out to confirm the next piece of DLC. We are indeed headed to the Bison State, as the American Truck Simulator Wyoming DLC comes together with something more substantial than just a new area to explore.

SCS Software has been working on the visuals of the game as well. Together with sister series Euro Truck Simulator 2, both games will benefit from the new and more realistic lighting models that will arrive with each 1.40 update.

In order to show off the full potential of the lighting, the team has had to overhaul the existing visuals of the game. The American Truck Simulator Wyoming DLC will also see the new addition as an example of the new lighting. The new area has been built from the ground up to take advantage of the new tech.

Ripe for exploration

It is certainly apt, considering the environments that can be found in Wyoming. With the state being one of those areas with the least amount of people, there is plenty of room to show off nature’s creation in their full glory. The mountain ranges and natural formations are perfect for players to experience the new lighting. There are also the red-walled gorges, hot springs, and historic prairie towns to check out.

American Truck Simulator wyoming Dlc Will See A Graphical Overhaul 1

Who knew driving your big truck would make for such an amazing sightseeing journey?

Nevertheless, with the reveal of the American Truck Simulator Wyoming DLC, you can start planning your routes. The team is still hard at work for the DLC, and no release date has been set just yet.