Avalanche co-founder establishes GZA-inspired studio Liquid Swords

Avalanche co-founder establishes GZA-inspired studio Liquid Swords

A new studio opening is not exactly a surprise, with creatives often finding new ways to realize their visions in new environments. The latest is the opening of studio Liquid Swords. If that is a familiar name, that is probably because it is a reference to Wu Tang member GZA’s solo project Liquid Swords. Talk about taking literal inspiration. The studio will be led by Christofer Sundberg. Sundberg was the co-founder of Avalanche, as well as the creator of the popular Just Cause franchise.

Since departing Avalanche in 2019, Sundberg went quiet about his next move. However, he broke the silence via Twitter today and shared that his latest venture would be with Liquid Swords. Nothing much is shown, aside from a sole image that could either be a tease, or just branding in process.

A press release for Liquid Swords states that the studio would be focused on open-world action. Sounds just about right from the man who brought us the Just Cause series. There will also be explosions, shareable experiences, and memorable moments for next-generation consoles, streaming platforms, and PC.

Familiar traits

Creating spectacular experiences that just so happen to have plenty of high-octane action is on the table. Engaging worlds waiting to be explored and enjoyed are sure to be what Liquid Swords attempts to bring in the future.

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Sundberg also shared that after taking a year-long break from the business, it was time to return to the arena once again. His approach with Liquid Swords will be reminiscent of how he built and ran Avalanche Studios for the past 17 years. Game development remains a focused and no-nonsense affair for Sundberg.

However, he stressed that the team has no intention of changing the status quo when it comes to storytelling. It sounds like more of the same then, as long as it works. Liquid Swords will be headquartered in Stockholm. Multiple studios will also be founded around the world.