Battletoads invade in Sea of Thieves August update as summer events begin

Battletoads invade in Sea of Thieves August update as summer events begin

The seas are rife with pirates, and there will be plenty for them to do the new Sea of Thieves August update. A season of summer events will bring great rewards to aspiring captains, and there is a new Sea of Thieves Battletoads ship set up for grabs as well. Best of all? It requires very little effort.

For players looking to rep their love for all things retro, the new Fightin’ Frogs Ship Set will be right up your alley. All you need to do is enjoy the new Battletoads reboot by Dlala Studios. Those on Game Pass can do so for free as well. Finish up the first act of the game, and you will be rewarded. Six themed pieces, namely the sails, hull, flag, cannons, wheel, and capstan will be yours for the taking. The love for green is apparent.

Experience over content

That is not all for the Sea of Thieves August update. Although there is a lack of new features, the quality of your experience should be significantly improved. Bug fixes and quality-of-life improvements are the main components of the new update.

“As we came off the back of our July release, we had an opportunity to assess our planned set of features for August – and it quickly became apparent that everything was coming in a little hot,” Rare executive producer Joe Neate shared in a blog post. “Since we started working from home, we’ve definitely had to be a bit more flexible with our plans for each month, and as such we’ve decided to move our key planned features back to our September release.”

Although September is a short while away, there are other activities to immerse yourself in first. Starting from now to September 30, the Summer of Sea of Thieves event is happening. Completing a variety of activities on the high seas will grant titles, Courage set cosmetics, emotes, and currency.

Hunters of the Deep will start on August 26 and ends on September 8. For this event, Shark Teeth are the target. Defeat enough Megalodons and other sharks will help unlock the new Shrouded Ghost Ship Collection for free. There will also be two weekly events that will continue into September. Tuesdays will see Ashen Expeditions take place. There are double the usual rewards if you hand in your Ashen Treasures then. On Thursdays, Wreck and Roll will give more rewards for all Shipwrecked items and Wrecked fish.

You can find the full details in the latest patch notes.