Bethesda adds wheelchair in Fallout 76 to answer fan’s request

Bethesda adds wheelchair in Fallout 76 to answer fan’s request

Accessibility has been a hot topic in games in 2020, and it is no surprise. As more people come to terms with spending their time in virtual worlds, being able to do so within the limits of their physical or mental capabilities is something that most developers have come to realize. From being able to remap controls to switching between input methods, improvements are being made each and every day to include everyone in the gaming world. Bethesda is also doing its part for MMO Fallout 76 by helping to grant the wish of a fan with a disability in the process.

In October, Fallout 76 fan Kelly Leunen shared in the game’s subreddit that she would like an in-game wheelchair that represents the same equipment she uses in real life. She hopes that this will help her and others feel better and included in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. A Bethesda community manager noted Leunen’s request, and the request has come to fruition. As part of the latest Fallout 76: Steel Dawn expansion, wheelchairs are now available.

Players can construct them at any C.A.M.P. All you need are the materials. This will certainly go well with all the other items found in the game. If you hope to recreate a medical facility, the wheelchair will fit right in.

Welcoming everyone

Suffice to say, Leunen is one happy Fallout 76 fan. She has shared her new addition to her base, and thanked Bethesda via Twitter.

The initial request was generally accepted by the community, but there was also some backlash. Certain fans felt that adding a wheelchair to Fallout 76 made no sense. Leunen felt differently, emphasizing that she was not asking for a character archetype, but another furniture addition. She also added that Proctor Ingram of the Brotherhood of Steel is a disabled character, and having a wheelchair would make total sense. I tend to agree with her.

Nevertheless, the new addition to Fallout 76 gives players more to play with. Whether you are doing quests for power armor-wearing zealots or just building your dream base, Bethesda has you covered.

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