Black Adam and Stripe from Gremlins are joining MultiVersus during Season 1

Black Adam and Stripe from Gremlins are joining MultiVersus during Season 1

Today is the day of Season 1 reveals for MultiVersus. Not only did we get the season’s first patch, but we also learned that Morty Smith is joining the roster on August 23. But during all this commotion, a rumor was stirring. An image was circulating, showing that MultiVersus was going to be invaded by DC’s Black Adam, as well as Stripe from the Gremlins movie. Since the best way to get ahead of a rumor is to confirm or deny, WB Games just went ahead and admitted it was true.

Both Black Adam and Stripe are heading to MultiVersus during Season 1, the publisher confirmed. While neither WB Games or developer Player First Games provided many details, they did share a splash image on Twitter with the two characters. The website also has the gruesome twosome featured.

“What’s better than official kicking off [MultiVersus] Season 1? Announcing Black Adam and Stripe are also coming this season,” the message on Twitter read. “You’re welcome.”

I mean, thanks? The message doesn’t say when the characters are on the way. All we know for sure is that they’ll be available some time but likely not for a while. Both Rick and Morty from, well, Rick and Morty are arriving first. It could be weeks before either Black Adam or Stripe see their MultiVersus debut.

The leaks are proving true

Black Adam and Stripe were name-dropped in a MultiVersus roster leak a few months ago, so we at least had a feeling they were on the way. Rick and Morty were also on the list, which continues to prove it’s authenticity. If we’re going by the leaks, then Season 1 may still see the debut of Marvin the Martian, Beetlejuice, Poison Ivy, and Eleven from Stranger Things. I suppose with that line-up, it’s not too strange for Player First to include Spike, the creepy antagonist from a horror comedy film that came out in the ’80s.

We’ll be on the lookout for more fighters and will likely use the leaked list to check them off. Will we get the Godzilla and Iron Giant match-up of our dreams? It’s looking more and more possible by the day.