Black Ops Cold War multiplayer gameplay leaked online

Black Ops Cold War multiplayer gameplay leaked online

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War was finally revealed late last month, and the multiplayer reveal is coming soon. Ahead of the unveiling, as is typical, a selection of streamers and pros have played the game at an event. It appears one of those streamers accidentally flipped the switch on a live broadcast, which has been captured and shared on Reddit.

The video clip shows four minutes of raw multiplayer gameplay from the upcoming Black Ops title. The footage is tagged with “Alpha Gameplay” in the top right, and shows off a unique mode where players go into a downed state on death. The clip isn’t the best quality and the map itself is quite dark, but we do get a glimpse at what Treyarch will deliver later this year.

For a start, the animated intros return from Modern Warfare 2019. This is where players arrive at the site of the map rather than just appearing like older Call of Duty games. Of course, era-specific weaponry is also on show and we spotted an updated version of the Commando assault rifle from the original Black Ops. General movement and gunplay mechanics don’t look as drastic of a departure as Modern Warfare 2019, but it’s tough to judge without going hands on.

The Big Reveal

In last month’s reveal video, a deep dive into Black Ops Cold War‘s campaign was shown off. It marks the return to the Cold War era for the Black Ops series, following three futuristic titles. We also got a glimpse of multiplayer in that trailer, which looked very different to this leaked clip. The official teaser showcased off-road buggies fighting in a large scale desert environment. This could of been a shot from a reworked Warzone map, or even a separate multiplayer mode akin to Ground War.

Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War multiplayer will be officially revealed on September 9.