Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition debuts remastered cutscenes trailer

Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition debuts remastered cutscenes trailer

Back in March, we saw a first glimpse of Nightdive Studios’ efforts to restore the 1997 point ‘n’ click adventure game Blade Runner. The Enhanced Edition is set to be an updated version of the game, with the classic version arriving on GOG at the tail end of 2019. This new iteration will call Steam home, and give players a more complete experience to hunt down those pesky replicants. There’s plenty more work to be done still, but Nightdive Studios was able to offer a brand new look at the remastered cutscenes for Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition.

What we see in Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition is certainly not photorealism, but rather a faithful homage to the ’90s. Character models are still quite intact, however everything looks more crisp. The smoother edges and animations plus the higher resolution make it look more like a modern game revisiting older styles than a 1997 title. If you’ve played the original, you should recognize some of the story beats. It shows the pet store murder, as well as agent Ray McCoy on his Los Angeles commute.

A futuristic classic

The original game was made by Westwood Studio, who gave us Command & Conquer as well. It was a true cyberpunk experience, keeping in line with the ideas and themes of Ridley Scott’s 1982 movie of the same name. Assuming the role of agent McCoy, it was up to players to fulfill the necessary investigative work. Checking crime scenes, interrogating suspects, and finding clues were part of the game. The various characters were dependent on your actions and dialogue, with their stories changing as you progressed.

While that kind of gameplay design is nothing new now, it was quite revolutionary back in the day. With Blade Runner: Enhanced Edition, players will get to see just how developers did it back in the ’90s. In fact, if you find oldschool games interesting, Nightdive Studios is also currently working on a System Shock remake.