Bloody Hell Hotel is a management game where you play as a vampire thirsting for blood

Bloody Hell Hotel is a management game where you play as a vampire thirsting for blood

From Two Point Campus to Bear and Breakfast, it’s hard not to deny the popularity of management sims. It’s a genre where players who can’t stand clutter find their calling by cleaning things up and eventually turning a profit. There have been some wild examples out there. I mean, Bear and Breakfast literally stars a bear. However, the makers of Darq have clearly asked: but what if it was a vampire? Bloody Hell Hotel is a management sim game starring a freshly awakened vampire with an entrepreneurial spirit. It’s time to use those supernatural powers by cleaning up a hotel, and then feast on the guests.

First revealed by IGN, Bloody Hell Hotel follows the rules of typical management sim games — with a darker twist on things. Waking from a centuries-long slumber, you awaken in your long-dilapidated castle. But instead of simply rebuilding and chasing after your former un-life, you decide it’s time to enter the world of business. Using powers beyond human understanding to sweep trash with a floating broom seems like a waste, but it’s all for a purpose.

Like with most games of the genre, the point is to gather up guests. As a vampire, it’s basically like getting food delivery. You clean up the hotel, collecting resources through crafting and farming to create the perfect hotel experience — if you’re a fan of Tim Burton, anyway. Guests are easy prey once they’re in your rooms, and you can suck their blood for a power up or slaughter them for meat.

I’d hate to see those Yelp reviews

Bloody Hell Hotel is a game that should meet expectations of management fans. You’re not just decorating rooms, but you can also farm up ingredients and cook meals in the kitchen. And, like with Stardew Valley, there’s also combat. An underground dungeon crawling with zombies is filled with materials to gather. You can even make your own weapons at your blacksmith’s workshop. Over time, you can staff up your hotel with other vampire employees. The jobs range from receptionist to cook and housekeeping.

So far, Bloody Hell Hotel is looking like a seriously twisted but darkly humorous take on management. There’s no release date yet, but developer Unfold Games promises it will be out “when it’s bloody awesome.”

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