Boosie Badazz Will Need Another Surgery After He Was Shot In The Leg

Boosie Badazz Will Need Another Surgery After He Was Shot In The Leg

Boosie Badazz was shot this past week while visiting his late friend, Mo3, who was gunned down just a few days prior. Hot New Hip Hop says Boosie had been recovering from the shooting ever since the news came out, and he even had to get surgery.

In fact, Hot New Hip Hop claims Mr. Badazz has already gotten two surgeries and is now getting ready to undergo a third. As it was previously reported, Boosie visited Dallas, Texas, to pay respect to his dead friend, Mo3, who was chased in his car and then on foot before being shot to death.

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The outlet claims Badazz was shot in the leg not long after attending a vigil for the fallen rapper, prompting Boosie to say that he would be taking a break from visiting nightclubs and other aspects of the rap scene for the next little while.

Earlier this month, it was reported that Boosie might’ve even needed to get his leg amputated, but this turned out to be untrue. Via his social media account this morning, Boosie confirmed he would be going back to the hospital for another surgery.

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He wrote on his account that he had “2 surgeries on my leg,” and had one more to go. One surgery, Hot New Hip Hop claims, was to remove some of the bullet fragments from his leg and the other one was to put screws into his foot to make sure it heals properly.

Thus far, it’s not clear why the rapper is going to get another surgery. Coincidentally, Boosie Badazz did a new interview with Vlad from VladTV in which he said that he thought rapping was one of the most dangerous jobs in the world.

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The artist explained how when one is a rapper, a lot of people in the scene gun for you, in addition to the ongoing threat from the police and gang rivalrly.

Boosie argued that nightclubs were perhaps the most dangerous part about it, especially at events where the artist has been paid a lot to be there.