Call of Duty: Warzone player finds a way to cancel the frustrating gas mask animation

Call of Duty: Warzone player finds a way to cancel the frustrating gas mask animation

The gas mask animation has caused frustration for Call of Duty: Warzone players since its launch. Although the gas mask is extremely useful, the animation of putting on and taking off the mask has actually been getting players killed. Thankfully, players are finding innovative ways to avoid the animation all together.

The Heartbeat Sensor has more to offer

A Heartbeat Sensor is a key tool in this trick. This piece of equipment can be found in the tactical section when creating a class. The primary purpose of a Heartbeat Sensor is to ping enemy players who do not have the Ghost perk equipped. However, they can be used before you enter or exit the gas to cancel the Warzone gas mask animation. A prominent Call of Duty content creator tweeted out a demonstration of the trick.

If you do not already, it may be useful to equip a Heartbeat Sensor to your class. Also, you should be able to locate one early on in the game as they are floor loot. Previously, Call of Duty: Warzone players could use vehicles as a quick way to escape enemy players and the incoming gas. Since they have been disabled by Infinity Ward due to an exploit, a Heartbeat Sensor could be a useful replacement. The Sensor makes it easier to kill other enemy players who are in, or near the gas without the gas mask animation.

It is unknown if the Heartbeat Sensor canceling the Warzone gas mask animation is unintended. Perhaps, it could be a glitch that receives a patch in a future update. Until then, you may encounter more players using the already popular Heartbeat Sensor. To combat this, you should use the Ghost perk on your class to avoid getting pinged by an enemy player.

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