Civilization VI’s Babylon Pack has Hammurabi and he already looks OP

Earlier this week, Firaxis unveiled the next DLC in Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass. Known as the Babylon Pack, it adds mighty heroes and legends that can be used in a separate game mode. Now, Firaxis reveals the leader of the Babylon civ: Hammurabi.

Firaxis’ video begins by stating that Hammurabi has shown his “lawful alignment” thanks to his code of laws. However, once you check out his uniques, Babylon might as well get accused of cheating already.

Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass – Meet Hammurabi of Babylon

As mentioned, King Hammurabi of Babylon was known for his edicts and laws that stood the test of time. As for the innovations, Babylon in Civilization games has been known as a science-focused civ too. In Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass, that hasn’t changed and you’re still expected to go for science. The main difference, though, is how ridiculous things already seem at the start thanks to “Enuma Anu Enlil,” Babylon’s unique ability. While it lowers the amount of science gained per turn, it makes Eurekas give you the full science bonus to unlock technologies.

Imagine farming a resource and immediately gaining Irrigation. Sounds neat, right? Next, construct an iron mine (Iron Working), and churn out your Swordsmen to rush. How about several mines for workshops (Apprenticeship) and several workshops for more production bonuses (Industrialization). You’re prioritizing Eurekas for techs while the AI might still be stuck in earlier eras.

Civilization Vi New Frontier Pass Babylon Pack Hammurabi Civ 6 1a

You might think that Hammurabi of Babylon still needs those pre-requisite techs to somehow slow him down. Well, no, he doesn’t. If you look at the image above (from the reveal), you could get Mass Production by building a lumber mill and you don’t need any pre-requisite techs at all.

Adding insult to injury (for anyone silly enough to face Babylon in Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass), Hammurabi also has “Ninu Ilu Sirum.” This leader unique ability automatically constructs the building with the lowest production cost in a specialty district when that district is built for the first time. Plus, you get an extra envoy. The only district this doesn’t work on is the Government Plaza.

Civilization Vi New Frontier Pass Babylon Pack Hammurabi Civ 6 1

Rounding out Babylon’s other capabilities in Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass is the “Palgum,” a watermill replacement that gives extra production, housing, and food generated by freshwater tiles. Lastly, there’s the “Sabum Kibbitum,” a melee unit with increased movement, sight, and combat strength versus heavy and light cavalry. These two uniques feel like icing on an already super sweet cake. Hammurabi and Babylon already seem insanely good

and a nightmare to play against

thanks to the civ and leader abilities.

We don’t have to wait that long to try these additions since Civilization VI: New Frontier Pass‘ Babylon Pack DLC becomes availble on November 19. You can pick up the season pass via Steam, or purchase the DLC separately once its store page becomes available. For more information, check out the reveal video below.