Conan Exiles’ first expansion Isle of Siptah hits Early Access next week

Conan Exiles’ first expansion Isle of Siptah hits Early Access next week

It has been a long time coming, but the first substantial Conan Exiles expansion will soon be upon us. Isle of Siptah will release next week on Tuesday, September 15 into Early Access. In a slight twist, the expansion will not be expanding upon the current lands in the game. Rather, Isle of Siptah will be an entirely new island in Conan Exiles, where players will have to start all over. That means plenty more killing, looting, and being the best barbarian you can be.

Isle of Siptah will provide players with the chance to be maiden explorers on a land “engulfed in magical storms.”

Go forth and adventure

According to Funcom, there will be “more than a dozen new dungeons, known as vaults, surges of sorcery that spawn vile creatures and NPCs, and an ominous dark tower.”

If we look at the trailer, it’s clear that there is certainly more happening on the Isle of Siptah. There are beasts to threaten your life, survival is a difficult task, and of course, there are octopuses in the skies just waiting to make you their next meal. Not to mention all of the other players in Conan Exiles. Everyone knows the people are the real monsters there. The new area also features some interesting architecture in addition to the dark tower. The pirate-themed and stormglass castle building sets can spice things up nicely, and the new rhinoceros mount will certainly make a point in battle.

These additions are not just restricted to the Isle of Siptah, either. You are free to use them in the base game areas as well. In preparation for the launch, Conan Exiles is currently running a free weekend starting today, and you can get the game at a steep 65% discount if it pleases you. Jumping into Isle of Siptah early will cost $20 USD, and the price will increase after it leaves Early Access.