Crimson Desert trailer showcases Pearl Abyss’ next RPG epic

Crimson Desert trailer showcases Pearl Abyss’ next RPG epic

MMO developers Pearl Abyss have been creating excellent experiences in the online shared space for a while now. Not only is Black Desert Online a fun MMORPG that provides plenty of content to chew through, but its stunning visuals have long been its calling card. However, it seems that is not all that Pearl Abyss has been cooking up. As part of The Game Awards 2020, the studio shared a brand new game coming in 2021. Revealed in gorgeous fashion, the new Crimson Desert trailer definitely left quite an impression.

The five-minute-long trailer showcased an open-world action-adventure that is set to combine both the single-player as well as the online multiplayer experience. In this fantasy world known as Pywel, players will take on the role of protagonist Macduff. He leads a band of mercenaries trying to reclaim his lost lands. Pearl Abyss is promising a narrative that tells the epic of these bunch of unlikely heroes, and the war-torn realm seems perfect for that.

Build using a proprietary, next-gen engine, the Crimson Desert trailer is one sweet-looking thing. The high fidelity graphics are enough to pique the interest, but the game is also promising a highly immersive gameplay experience.

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Heroes are going to be made in this adventure, but that will require plenty of hardship, pain, and perseverance.

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As the Crimson Desert trailer shows, there is much to get up to. You can enjoy some PvP action, explore dungeons, solve some puzzles, or take part in siege battles. Did I mention you can take to the skies on top of mythical creatures? It seems like the game has got everything.

With Pearl Abyss’ record with Black Desert Online, this new RPG seems tailored for success. If you ever wondered what a Scottish Witcher would look like, Crimson Desert might just be the answer in winter 2021.