Crysis Remastered release date revealed alongside tech trailer

Crysis Remastered release date revealed alongside tech trailer

The lead-up to the Crysis Remastered release date has been weird to say the least. The game initially leaked on the Microsoft Store for Xbox before it was officially announced. Then, all platforms received news of a delay in early July only to see the Switch version launch later that month. Now, developer Crytek has revealed when the Crysis Remastered release date will be for the remaining platforms. We can expect it on September 18, but there’s a major catch. It’s another Epic Games Store exclusive.

It seems like every week another huge title ends up as an Epic exclusive. Only yesterday, it was revealed that Hitman 3 would launch there first, and now Crysis Remastered follows suit.

At least the game looks visually amazing though. A new tech trailer was revealed alongside the release date announcement and the improvements are pretty remarkable. What was once a true benchmark for PC gaming looks awkwardly flat in comparison to its remastered counterpart. Improved texture work, lighting, reflections and water tech were shown in the short clip. Altogether, it was a much bigger improvement than we expected.

The history and the hardware

For those unaware, when Crysis first released back in 2007, it was labelled a PC killer. “Can it run Crysis” was practically a meme, and it took some serious hardware to run the original game. As Crysis evolved into a series, it took consoles into account and streamlined the level design for a more manageable hardware experience. Crysis 2 and 3 were more linear affairs, as opposed to the first game’s semi-open world, which is why the original still holds up as the definitive hardware killer. We were hoping a remastered trilogy might happen, but at least the original received the honorary remaster.

Crysis Remastered launches on September 18 for PC via the Epic Games Store.