Cyber Hook will have you swinging when it releases this month

Cyber Hook will have you swinging when it releases this month

It’s been nearly a year since Cyber Hook swung into our sights. A fast-paced game where you grapple and swing from platforms, Cyber Hook combines retrowave aesthetics with high-flying parkour to create something so simple, yet so enthralling to watch. We’ve been looking forward to the game since we got our greedy hands on a demo in October last year. Now, we’re only weeks away from the full release. The game launches for PC via Steam on September 24.

To celebrate, developer Blazing Stick revealed the new Marathon Mode. It’s fairly self-explanatory based on the name alone. Marathon Mode allows you to swing and wall run through more than 70 levels without worrying about a timer. There will be leaderboards as well as monthly marathons that randomly change, and you can choose which world to traverse.

“The community has been clamoring for the game’s release and excitement has only been growing since being featured in the Steam Game Festival this summer,” said Théo Touaty, lead developer at Blazing Stick. “We’re thrilled to see how people speedrun the levels and find new paths we didn’t even think of to complete the game. In Cyber Hook, abusing physics and forging your own path is all part of the fun!”

Run, run, run

Indeed, as Touaty mentioned, I can definitely envision Cyber Hook at a GDQ one day. Just by the trailer above, you get a real sense of speed as the brightly-lit levels zip on by. No doubt speedrunners will pounce on this game not long after it releases.

We liked the game well enough when we played the demo last year. Our own Andrew Farrell got to check it out, saying the game is “satisfying when your hook hits its mark repeatedly, which allows you to swing around the levels at breakneck speeds.” However, he did note some faults, such as the length of the grapple rope being too short, and the lack of level variety. Of course, it has been about a year since that preview, so there’s a good chance Blazing Stick has upped the ante.

We’ll certainly know once the game launches for PC on September 24. It’ll be available on Steam for $14.99 USD.