Cyberpunk 2077: Character creation guide

Cyberpunk 2077: Character creation guide

Cyberpunk 2077 offers lots of character creation options once you start a new game. You’ll see different presets, facial features, and even nudity.

Alongside these are selections for your character’s life path (origin story/prologue) and attributes. Anyway, here’s our guide to help you out.

Cyberpunk 2077: The basics of character creation

Once you start Cyberpunk 2077‘s campaign, you’re prompted to select a difficulty as well as your character’s life path. This is pretty much the origin story of the main character, V.

It’s a prologue that takes roughly four to five hours to complete (unless photo mode distracts you to no end).

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Once you’ve chosen a life path, you can then start with character creation. At first, you’ll be able to pick a male or female body.

You may also choose whether V’s voice is masculine or feminine. Cyberpunk 2077‘s NPCs will then refer to V using male or female pronouns (or terms like “chico/chica”) respectively.

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From here, additional options become available. The most basic ones, of course, are regarding your character’s looks (face, hairstyle, hair color, eyes, nose, scars, and tattoos). If a selection has a small icon with multiple boxes, that means various options are available (usually related to color palettes).

You could also select a preset and then add extra stuff, or just randomize everything.

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At the very bottom, though, you’ll find the previously announced nudity and genital customization options. If you want to enable nudity, make sure that censoring isn’t active in the gameplay settings, too.

Note: It’s possible to combine different customizations (body type, voice, and genitals) depending on your preferences.

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The last screen you’ll deal with as part of Cyberpunk 2077‘s character creation shows your attributes. By default, each one has three points and you have seven extra points to allocate. Just remember that attributes max out at level six at least during the character creation process.

Attribute Playstyle Focus Effects per level/point Body Raw power, melee combat, defense +5 HP; +3 stamina points; +3 damage with fists and Gorilla Arms; +1.5% damage with melee weapons; Movement while grappling an enemy and grapple duration; 6% decreased movement penalty while grabbing an enemy or while wielding a heavy machine gun Intelligence Hacking +0.5% quickhack damage and +1% quickhack duration; +4% cyberdeck RAM capacity (basically your “mana” when you hack objects and NPCs) Reflexes Movement and maneuverability +1% passive evasion vs. enemy attacks; +1% crit chance; +3 Mantis Blades damage Technical Ability Tech weaponry +5% armor rating; Door unlocking via tech Cool Stealth and other quirks +2% crit damage; +1% resistance vs. all damage types; +10% stealth damage; +3 Monowire damage; +0.5% enemy detection speed when you’re stealthed

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