Dark Souls And Elden Ring Creator Hidetaka Miyazaki Will Be Honoured With A Game Industry Achievement Award At The CEDEC Awards

The unique CEDEC Awards, which have been given out by the Japanese game development association CESA since 2008, will be given to Miyazaki.

At the CEDEC Awards 2022, Hidetaka Miyazaki received one of the most prestigious prizes in the gaming sector. The game designers behind critically acclaimed titles like Elden Ring, Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Dark Souls will be on par with those behind Mario, Final Fantasy, and The Legend of Zelda.

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In addition, the developer’s outstanding accomplishments in the gaming sector were recognized by the award’s reputable jury.

The organizers highlighted Miyazaki’s unconventional method for making challenging and thrilling games. The game designer has spent many years creating his own distinct genre, constantly extending it, and upholding a high standard of work performance.

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According to CESA, the director of the FromSoftware firm creates his own method for game design, creating continuously difficult games and creating prospects for new genres.

The genre continues to advance and attract gamers thanks to the continually difficult game design that began with “Demon’s Souls.”

Their most recent effort, “ELDEN RING,” is a culmination of their earlier work and achieves quality and volume that much exceeds their earlier works. It has garnered incredibly high accolades from users all around the world and has grown to be a tremendous hit.

He has received countless accolades, and both game fans and game developers have taken notice of his works.

At the end of August, the CEDEC Awards 2022 winners should be announced. The prize will also be distributed in a number of categories, such as game design, sound, and visual aesthetic.

Mark Cerny, the architect of the PlayStation console, was given a special CEDEC Award in 2021.

Elden Ring, which was the product of all of the developer’s best ideas and was duly honored with high critical praise and player interest, is regarded as Miyazaki’s masterpiece.