Dead by Daylight creator reveals the ‘building and raiding’ game Meet Your Maker

Dead by Daylight creator reveals the ‘building and raiding’ game Meet Your Maker

Behaviour Interactive, the developer behind Dead By Daylight, had a few surprising announcements today. One of which was the reveal of a new game titled Meet Your Maker. It seems to offer a fairly different experience from Dead By Daylight. Thankfully, the five-minute-long announcement trailer shows off plenty of different features.

Meet Your Maker is a first-person shooter at its core, with a post-apocalyptic skin. However, it goes a bit deeper than that. Players are tasked with entering an outpost to raid its contents and avoid nasty traps and enemies. But what sets Meet Your Maker apart from other games like this is that the each level is made by the players.

Outsmart other players

Meet Your Maker seems to have a pretty standard approach to first-person gameplay at first glance. In fact, Doom Eternal‘s bombastic, fast-paced gameplay comes to mind. But beyond that, it looks like Meet Your Maker is going for something more unique, which the reveal trailer shows off nicely. The premise of the game centers around the player needing genetic material for an organism called the Chimera. This genetic material is found in outposts, which are all made by other players. You can also generate it by creating outposts that outsmart your fellow scavengers. Looting outposts provides you with crafting materials that you can use to outfit your own. Fighting and building doesn’t have to be done alone either, as the game supports co-op with one other player.

Meet Your Maker Reveal Trailer Enemies 2

The reveal trailer for Meet Your Maker shows off outpost building in all its glory, and it looks to be fairly robust. Players can make an outpost to outsmart the wittiest of players. For instance, you have a wide variety of different blocks and shapes for constructing your outpost. You also have a variety of enemy types to place down. But the real wickedness comes from the traps you can set. These range from standard traps, like pits and bombs, to more diabolical things like giant arrows or weights that crush other players.

You’ll also be able to fine-tune the traps by setting different modifications. The few listed in the trailer include speed, duration, bounce, and invisibility. Enemies also get plenty of customization, and you can even record custom patrol paths for them. Careful planning seems to be required.

Fast, gory action

When playing through the outposts, players have quite a few tools at their disposal. There are some interesting guns to look at, like the Plasmabow, which sounds very cool. You’ll also get to use a sword that can deflect projectiles and dispatch enemies quickly. And to help close the distance between you and the enemy, a grappling hook will pull the player toward whatever it lands on.

Meet Your Maker looks to be a difficult game, if its reveal trailer is anything to go by. But if its customization can give players enough freedom, it could end up feeling very rewarding. If you’re interested in checking it out, you can head over to its official website and sign up for the closed alpha playtest. As of now there’s no release date, but it’s set to come out sometime in 2023 on Steam.