Deathloop trailer reveals success lies in tampering with the timeline

Deathloop trailer reveals success lies in tampering with the timeline

The amazing premise and execution of Arkane Studio’s Deathloop got another showing as part of the PlayStation 5 showcase yesterday. Delayed to 2021, the game still manages to exude a sense of wonder and thrill awaiting players. A new Deathloop trailer shown during the showcase gave us a taste of what players can expect jumping into time-manipulating shenanigans.

With the main aim of taking down eight specific individuals in order to break the never-ending time loop, it is not that going to be that straightforward. You simply cannot do it all at once. It will take more than a day just to get across the island and off these fools. That is, until you have made some adjustments to this warped reality in Deathloop. As part of how this formula works into the gameplay, the trailer gives us the example of Egor Serling and Aleksis Dorsey.

Two birds, one bullet

While Dorsey will be throwing a party every night, it is a prime opportunity for you to eliminate some of the people you need dead. However, Serling is a prominent omission from the party. That is because he is on the cusp of an important scientific breakthrough in the morning, thus rendering him unable to go to the gathering. In order to ensure his attendance, players can sabotage his work. Tamper with his scientific discovery, cause him to fail, and he will be heading down to the party. This is where Deathloop truly shines.

It is not simply about killing people. It is about research, learning the patterns and the routines of targets, and making the right adjustments. It is an exercise in efficiency to the point of being a smooth killer. Being able to line up all eight of them in your own schedule would be immensely satisfying. Of course, you will have to worry about invaders in Deathloop. Their target is you, and you only.

Deathloop will launch sometime in early 2021.