Demi Moore Poses With Daughters Rumer And Scout Willis In Tyler Shields Stunning Photoshoot — See The Gorgeous Photos

Demi Moore Poses With Daughters Rumer And Scout Willis In Tyler Shields Stunning Photoshoot — See The Gorgeous Photos

Demi Moore is posing with two of her three daughters, Rumer and Scout Willis, for a new, stunning photoshoot with the renowned photographer Tyler Shields. Demi Moore and Rumer shared photos from the shoot on their official Instagram account and Tyler Shields’ official Instagram is full of his phenomenal celebrity portraits, including several pictures he took of Bruce Willis.

In the photo that Demi Moore shared on her Instagram account, where she has two million followers, the Ghost star and her daughters posed in various stages of apparent distress as their classic Ford broke down in the middle of a deserted, tree-lined road. Demi was up front and the focal point of the shot as she appeared to be seated and waiting for help. Rumer stood by the car and showed off her gorgeous figure while Scout stood with her back to the camera, held the skirt of her dress in one hand, and appeared as if she were thumbing a ride.

Each wore a beautiful gown for the black and white photo and the result was stunning.

You may see the photo that Demi Moore shared with her fans below.

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In the photo that Rumer Willis shared, she stood in the back of the classic vehicle with a tiara on her head and a pensive look on her face. She looked as if she were on her way to a prom or a ball and the picture conjured images of Cinderella running late for the festivities. Demi stood behind the vehicle and gestured towards it as if it was now her turn to thumb for a ride. It appeared as if Rumer was oblivious to Demi’s plight. You could faintly see Scout at the driver’s wheel through the windshield.

Despite the imagery, Rumer used the photo to inspire people to vote. She wrote the following caption.

Sorry Mama, I’m on my way to drop off my Ballot 📮

You may see some of Tyler Shields’ outstanding celebrity portraits, including one of his portraits of Bruce Willis, in the photo slideshow below.

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Portraits are easy to take and hard to capture. Portraits are becoming a lost art due to the selfie taking over the world, people post a portrait and it gets less likes then a selfie, because sometimes portraits are not the most flattering but they are the most honest, people are scared to show who they really are, and a great portrait shows the sitters soul, a great selfie shows the sitters facade. I have 10 portraits here starting with the amazing Bruce Willis then @joeyking @kingbach @nba_youngboy @clararugaard @alliemarieevans @kingofbingo @glenpowell @brittanysnow and @emmaroberts so the question to you is which of these do you like most and do you prefer a portrait or a selfie?

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What do you think about Demi Moore’s photoshoot with Rumer and Scout Willis? Are you a fan of Tyler Shields’ work?

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