Destiny 2’s Beyond Light Europa trailer hints at what’s to come in the next expansion

Destiny 2’s Beyond Light Europa trailer hints at what’s to come in the next expansion

Bungie is continuing to crank up the hype for Destiny 2: Beyond Light, and the Europa trailer today focuses on the newest location coming to the game. The moon is a desolate arctic waste, but there is much to see below its ice-covered outer layer. All in all, the trailer is a broad mix of things. While it is appropriately named the Europa Trailer, there’s still plenty of new details to talk about in relation to Beyond Light as a whole expansion. We also saw new enemies, obscure locations, and another look at the new Stasis subclasses coming soon.

Much like with other moons (and planets), the remnants of humanity’s Golden Age can be seen here. Massive frameworks of skyscrapers give way to underground labyrinths which house factories and technological laboratories. In the trailer, we can see a chamber where incomplete models of the Exo race sit abandoned. Stranger things may reside deeper down though, as evidenced by the seemingly indiscernible locations.

Seeing as this is the Europa trailer, the strange temples and pyramids in Destiny 2: Beyond Light surely rest amid the Vex sites. Whether they are even Vex machinations remains to be seen, though. We suspect that they have more to do with the illusive Darkness threat. Perhaps the Stranger will finally have time to explain some things for us.

Shaped by the world they live in

We do get a clear look at Europa’s Vex and Fallen denizens though, and they look unique. There are a few particularly cool iterations like the new Harpies, winged Goblins, and the Fallen Mech. That boi is huge. Here’s to hoping that all of these new combatants challenge us in ways that shake up our existing expectations. We’re also excited to learn more about the Fallen House of Darkness and its Kell. As these Fallen wield the power of Stasis, they’re no pushovers. You too will need to wield the darkness to deal with them. As they say, fight fire with fire… or in this case, ice.

Destiny 2 is free to play, but the annual expansions count as premium paid content. Beyond Light will be no exception, so be prepared to pay $39.99 USD if you want to jump in on November 10. However, PC Game Pass owners will eventually be able to enjoy all of this content for free. If they are willing to be patient, that is. We’re still waiting on an update from Bungie about exact availability. Meanwhile, Xbox Game Pass subscribers will get access to Beyond Light on day one.