Devolver issues an apology after Fall Guys players had keys refunded

Devolver issues an apology after Fall Guys players had keys refunded

Fall Guys has found significant success since its release on August 4. The developers have even already added the new level, Jump Showdown. However, it was recently discovered that Fall Guys publisher Devolver was refunding keys that were bought on their official website. Also, it appears that Argentinean players were getting charged different prices for the game. Since then, Devolver has issued an apology to affected players.

Confusion and an apology over keys

As a result, fans expressed their frustrations on the Fall Guys official subreddit. Players who encountered this issue received a message which read “your refund is on its way,” causing confusion. The message continued “the key you received, belongs to a batch exploited by scammers looking to turn a quick profit. As a result, we have disabled all keys in the batch and have issued refunds to all affected customers.” The mistake meant that legitimate keys were refunded rather than the scammed keys.

A further issue with pricing became apparent when Argentinean players paid 325 ARS—around $4.50 USD—for the keys. However, Devolver claimed that this was in fact, a mistake. Following this, the price was raised to 720 ARS—around $10 USD. Because of this pricing error, players who purchased legitimate keys and got hit with a refund cannot repurchase for the same price.

Following these complications, Devolver has released an official statement. It acknowledged and apologized for their mistakes when trying to take action against scammers. In addition, players who have experienced this issue will have the chance to recover their copy. The statement concludes with a promise to do better moving forward. Moreover, Devolver say they will take care of everyone in the community who was affected. Fall Guys players were recently rewarded with free Kudos and a skin when the game experienced server issues. Perhaps a similar reward will be given to players impacted by the Fall Guys keys and pricing issues.