Doom and Doom II Steam versions updated

Doom and Doom II Steam versions updated

A new update is available for Doom and Doom II on all platforms, containing QOL improvements and performance optimization. For the PC platform, there’s some specific changes in this latest update. Existing DOS versions of Doom and Doom II will now grant you access to the newly released Steam versions. Both options will be launchable from within Steam, as separate games.

This new update bring several changes to the first two classic Doom games. For the first time in an official port, the original Doom renderer has been modified to natively display in 16:9. The FOV has also been increased to reveal more image on the side, instead of cropping the top and bottom. Alternate widescreen versions of the title screen, intermission, and ending screens have also been added in this latest update.

New difficulty levels make their way into these classics too. A twist on the Ultra-Violence mode is now available, with alternate weaponry. Ultra-Violence+ takes the exclusive weapons from the deathmatch and co-op modes and injects them into the campaigns. In DOOM II, this means you get the BFG and Rocket Launcher right from the start.

Doom Deathmatch 3.0

Speaking of multiplayer, split screen deathmatch has been changed in these new versions. Bethesda has altered deathmatch to play out like the community mode—Deathmatch 3.0. This means that from now on, weapons will stay in the world after being picked up. This is to account for the extreme lethality of DOOM’s weapons, and the weakness of the starting pistol. All items and ammo now respawn on a 30 second timer, but Invulnerability and Invisibility will never respawn.

There’s also a host of QOL improvements. A cross-hair can now be added, which will change color when targeting an enemy. Bethesda says that this might also help reduce motion sickness, for those who suffer from it. In a blog post, Bethesda also detailed a whole list of bug fixes and changes that are now live in Doom and Doom II.