EA details Star Wars: Squadrons progression for customization

EA details Star Wars: Squadrons progression for customization

Much is expected of the upcoming Star Wars: Squadrons from EA Motive, but there are still skeptical fans over how EA has handled the beloved franchise over the years. For Star Wars: Squadrons, the company has maintained that there will be zero microtransactions involved. You can theoretically earn everything in the game. In a new blog post, the developers shared more on the Star Wars: Squadrons progression systems.

Players will need to keep their eyes on two different timed challenges that will rotate regularly. Daily Challenges will reward Glory points when completed. Players can unlock ship and player cosmetics in Star Wars: Squadrons using these points. The more elaborate Operation Challenges will reward unique cosmetics that are in line with the ongoing Operations in Star Wars: Squadrons.

Hard work pays off

“Operations are 8-week cycles that happen in Squadrons, and each Operation brings with it a set of unique cosmetic rewards that can only be earned by completing its Challenges,” EA stated. “Certain Challenges also offer unique rewards, too, so once they’re gone, you won’t be able to get the cosmetic unless the Operation Challenges return one day.”

Operations are another reliable way to earn Glory. The competitive Fleet Battles ladder will see players work their work through the ranks. Going from Maverick, Hotshot, Hero, Valiant, Legend, to Galactic Ace, each rank will see players receiving a different amount of Glory. The ladders will reset at the end of each Operation in Star Wars: Squadrons.

Star Wars: Squadrons progression will also see players earn experience from all activities in-game. This will help their characters to level up, while amassing Requisition points. Pilots can get more ship components using Requisition points. The level cap to reach is 40, and progression will not reset. Reaching the max will allow players to unlock everything in Star Wars: Squadrons.

There will also be occasional bonus events that can provide additional Glory. Additional cosmetic bundles can also be earned by completing the story mode and Fleet Battles tutorials. EA Motive will also be keeping an eye on things, and will be agile to change things up if need be.

Star Wars: Squadrons takes to the skies this October 2.