Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion adds planetary exploration

Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion adds planetary exploration

After years of battling it out in space and seeing a sea of darkness, Frontier Developments is finally adding some color of sorts into Elite Dangerous. New footage shared by the developers shined a spotlight on the Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion. Players can finally land on planets explore these places on foot. This has been something many fans have hoped for since the game first launched in 2014. Dreams do come true.

In the developers’ diary, Frontier touched more on the design philosophy behind the planetary exploration in the Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion. Akin to taking the first step on the moon, the team wanted players to have that “Neil Armstrong moment.”

Reaching new frontiers

An alien world waiting to be explored sounds amazing already. Some of these new locations will have a thin atmosphere, so you can expect to see the familiar sight of a blue sky. Nothing like reminders of home when you are stepping foot onto new ground. Even from space, these planets look amazingly detailed. The team has worked hard to ensure they look up to snuff, and it shows. There are new rocky and icy planets, but everything is still rooted in reality. Frontier stressed that plausibility was a big driver for the Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion.

Upon landing, you will be able to do some real scientific work as well. The sampling tool added allows players to scan the world’s flora. This will extract genetic data that can then be traded for profit. This will be a brand new way for players to earn some money. How that will eventually function in the ecosystem of Elite Dangerous remains to be seen, but the potential is endless.

Of course, with the vast expanse of space being home to billions of planets, the race to be first can be an intoxicating one. You might just be the first person to ever land on a planet, and that is an accolade not everyone might have. In any case, this new Elite Dangerous Odyssey expansion opens up the game further. I cannot wait to see what lies out there.