Epic maintains no physical Fortnite events will take place in 2021

Epic maintains no physical Fortnite events will take place in 2021

With the competitive shooter/builder Fortnite having concluded yet another stellar season, this time with a Marvel crossover, things are still looking good for Epic Games’ battle royale. It seems plenty of players are still invested in the game, and the community is only growing stronger. With these things considered, Fortnite will only continue to barrel over the competition in the foreseeable future. One thing, however, is definitely going to be an obstacle. That’s of course the pandemic that’s still sweeping the world. Covid-19 has heavily impacted the gaming industry as a whole, and the esports scene in particular. In response to it, Epic Games stated that there will be no physical Fortnite events in 2021.

This policy will be in effect globally, and not even the gigantic Fortnite World Cup is exempt from the rules. Rather than risk the lives of everyone involved, the battle royale will continue its stream of online events throughout the year. One such iteration of the competitive play events is the Fortnite Champion Series. Its Trios events will carry on next year. Those will begin on February 4, 2021, during Fortnite Chapter 2: Season 5.

This date will give players time to get used to the new structure, and more time for the developers to make the necessary changes. In lieu of physical Fortnite events, the strategy needs to be changed up.

Adapt and survive

In addition, Epic is searching for other ways in which to foster high-level competition in the scene. Currently, there are weekly tournaments, unique tournaments, and Creator Cups. For fans worried about the lack of competition without physical Fortnite events, Epic reiterated that there will be more to fill the void.

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Nevertheless, it is clear that even with physical Fortnite events, the show must go on. How Epic will manage to do that is up in the air, but chances are it will succeed. For fans and players alike, the Fortnite train is going to keep moving along one way or another.