Fall Guys Season 2 madness slated to start this week

Fall Guys Season 2 madness slated to start this week

It hasn’t been long since Mediatonic’s Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout first arrived on the scene. Following an explosive debut of impressive player numbers and a competitive scene that came out of seemingly nowhere, things may have quietened down just a little, but it won’t stay that way for long. Coming later this week on October 8, Fall Guys Season 2 will be upon us.

Jellybeans in all manner of costumes will soon be unleashed upon new levels and surprising elements. Fall Guys Season 2 will feature a medieval theme, and you can already see the shenanigans that will arise. Medieval period costumes, themed levels, and more hilarious ways to make players suffer at the hands of the designers and other players await.

If the idea of donning tops and bottoms to look more like wizards of old is not enough, more rewards could just be enticing enough to bring you back into the fold. We already know that Fall Guys Season 2 will start to reward more crowns for progression. In addition to the new rounds and more customization options, the new rewards should give players more drive to finish first.

Double trouble

If you still have not hit the level cap of 40, now is your last chance and best opportunity. Starting on October 5, players can look to earn double the fame points before the end of the first season. That should set you up nicely before the start of Fall Guys Season 2. Once you have reached the cap and reaped all the rewards, you will only need to wait a few days before things reset.

Fall Guys Season Two start new course

One of the more prominent features of Fall Guys Season 2 is the inclusion of more cooperative elements. However, not a lot of players are fans of the team games in the first season, and that sentiment will take some testing come October 8.