Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout to get Fortnite anti-cheat system

Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout to get Fortnite anti-cheat system

With Mediatonic’s breakout hit Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout getting ready for a season two, not all is good over in the jellybean land. Hackers and cheaters have plagued the colorful battle royale. While the game remains fun for plenty of people, having cheaters snatch a potential victory is never a good feeling. While the developers have been hard at work trying to fix the issues, a monumental step is being taken in the near future. Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout will soon use the same anti-cheat systems as Epic Games’ Fortnite.

Initial efforts centered around better detection systems that could boot cheaters in the middle of a game. A Steam family-sharing account exploit was also nixed. However, getting on the level of Fortnite is a hopeful big step to stamping out these Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout miscreants.

“We’re really sorry about the cheating problem!” Mediatonic shared. “We’re expanding the current detection system this week to improve things. We also have a big update in the next couple of weeks that adds the same anti-cheat used by games such as Fortnite.”

Stamping it out

Fortnite is currently using the Easy Anti-Cheat system, the same one Fall Guys plans to use. The likes of Apex Legends, The Division 2, and other notable games have the same system in place. For everyone’s sake, it will be best to see the last of speeding jellybeans that can float in the air. Some hacks even allow the cheaters to be unaffected by objects. You cannot imagine the frustration of making it to the final round and seeing such shenanigans in Fall Guys.

Of course, even without hackers and cheaters, it can be still a challenge to grab that crown. If you require some teaching in the way of the bean, head over to our Fall Guys: Ultimate Knockout hub, where tips, tricks, and shortcuts await. Even if you do not get an instant victory, at least you are not cheating your way to the top.