Fortnite guide — How to do the Season 5 Week 2 Doggo weekly challenge

Fortnite guide — How to do the Season 5 Week 2 Doggo weekly challenge

Chapter 2 Season 5 requires you to do weekly challenges for XP rewards just like in previous Fortnite seasons. Some of them are pretty easy to figure out or just take a little grind time, but others are not quite as obvious. The Doggo Quest, which is part of the Week 2 challenges in Season 5 of Fortnite, is one of the more ambiguous tasks. This guide will get you through all four stages of the Quest in no time though, netting you 20,000 XP for your efforts.

You can complete the Doggo Quest in any of the regular playlists if you want, but the Team Rumble playlist also works and is by far the easiest way to avoid getting killed while you do Doggo’s dirty work. Another thing to note about each of these Quest steps before you start is that you cannot complete more than a single step per match, so plan to do at least four. You can, however, quit out of the matches to speed the process along. Alternately, you can die intentionally if in a regular match without respawns.

Cats and dogs

Stage one of the Doggo Quest is easy. Doggo asks you to destroy five mailboxes around the map. You can find three at Pleasant Park, four at Lazy Lake, one at Retail Row, and six at Holly Hedges. There are probably more, but these locations are already more than enough to get you to the next stage.

Stage two requires you to then place some evidence to make it look like Kit the cat did the crime. Doggo tells you to place some evidence in either Catty Corners or at the recently added Flush Factory. All you have to do is search around the outside spaces for the glowing outlines of where you can place the broken mailboxes. You don’t need anything to plant them. Just hit the key when prompted at each spot. You will need to plant three pieces of evidence at either location.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 2 Challenge 2

Once the ruse is complete, the Sleuth character steps into the Quest for stage three and asks you to help him solve the suspicious activity. He asks you to search for clues at Pleasant Park, Holly Hedges, and Lazy Lake. These are also quite simple if you know where to look. Your targets are blue postal mailboxes. You know, the metal ones where you can drop off mail in public places. Fortnite has these scattered around. There are three at Holly Hedges, three at Pleasant Park, and six at Lazy Lake. Once you find them all, the Sleuth will realize that something strange is going on and he believes Kit is innocent.

Fortnite Season 5 Week 2 Challenge 3

The final stage of the Quest brings Kit into the situation, who is very upset over the attempted sabotage. Kit demands you destroy three doghouses on the map. You can find these at any of the residential locations that you’ve already visited during this Quest. You can find four at Holly Hedges, four at Pleasant Park, or six at Retail Row. Once you destroy these, the Quest will be complete, and you will automatically earn your XP.

More to discover

There are other challenges you can also complete during Week 2 of Season 5 in Fortnite, but this one is likely to give you the most trouble. Hopefully this guide makes it relatively painless and gives you a little chuckle along the way with its funny narrative. For more Fortnite guides be sure to check out our Chapter 2 Season 5 guides and features hub.