Fortnite update v14.20 paves way for Blade, Wolverine boss fight & more

Fortnite update v14.20 paves way for Blade, Wolverine boss fight & more

Fans of Fortnite have plenty to look forward in recent weeks. With the Marvel Nexus War crossover event in full flight, we also recently learned of the Rocket League collaboration with Psyonix. That is not all for the battle royale. The latest Fortnite update v14.20 has landed, and with it, we move ever closer to concluding season 4’s Marvel content. The patch will come with the usual bug fixes, as well as new features, events, and new characters.

The headliner has to be the arrival of the vampire hunter Blade. While we are not sure when Blade will drop in the Fortnite update v14.20, the wait will surely not be long. Marvel and Epic Games have not shared many details, but his arrival has been confirmed by Marvel’s official Twitter account. The emojis are unmistakable, and players will need to look out for the vampire hunter real soon.

Best at what he does

Fortnite update v14.20 will also bring a new boss in Wolverine. As players rush to complete his challenges, Wolverine will also be appearing in the Weeping Woods as a boss. Players can obtain the high tier Wolverine Claw by defeating the boss. He follows the likes of Doctor Doom and Iron Man as optional objectives for players.

Of course, there are a ton of new cosmetics coming with Fortnite update v14.20. Skins, emotes, and more will expand the already enormous collection in the battle royale. The new items include the Rocket League collection, together with celebratory items tied in with Fortnite‘s upcoming third birthday.

For fans of K-pop supergroup BTS, the band will also be performing in Fortnite on the Party Royale island.

Squashing bugs

Fortnite update v14.20 will also see new bug fixes. Here are the tweaks:


    Boundless set sticker customization. All stickers will be displayed in the Boundless set menu with no workaround needed. Fixed issue with: Replays not saving on PS4 Fixed issue with: Fishing spots not appearing on “low” graphics settings. Fixed issue with: Heroes Park and Ghost House not showing up as discovered locations after visiting them.

Creative Mode

    Fixed issue with grass not being removed when placing objects on the ground. Fixed issue with some players not being granted items after first round in some team games.

Save the World

    Fixed issue with Redline Ramirez’s commander perk not working with charged sniper rifles.


    Fixed issue with fishing spots not showing up properly.