Forza Horizon 4 gets a new stunt-based game mode called Super7

Forza Horizon 4 gets a new stunt-based game mode called Super7

Forza Horizon 4 has just hit the two-year mark since its release. Even with after an impressive 30 updates, yet another game mode will be added. Today, Playground Games announced the new Super7 game mode for Forza Horizon 4, which should be a dream come true for every stunt-lover.

Super7 will challenge drivers to conquer special challenges that include scenery object ramps, half-pipes, dinosaurs (yes), and more. It’s all about style and grace as you jump, swerve, and leap through stunt tracks around the environment.

Stunts aren’t anything new to Forza Horizon, but they’ve mostly been regulated to huge ramps. This mode now tosses in inspiration from the likes of the Hot Wheels expansion from Forza Horizon 3 and a bit of flare from the Trackmania series. Here’s a look at the new game mode:

Ramp up your expectations

What makes the new Super7 mode for Forza Horizon 4 even cooler is that you’re not only limited to the courses that Playground Games has put together for everyone. Those of you with engineering degrees and a love for cars are about to be every Horizon players’ best friend. That’s because custom stunt courses can be built using the new Blueprint Builder. Players will also be able to make and share their own Challenge Cards with their friends. This gives a whole new meaning to “friendly” competition.

The new Super7 game mode will be available for free to all Forza Horizon 4 players starting December 8. Considering that the game is available via Game Pass, xCloud, and was also recently optimized for the Xbox Series X|S, there’s bound to be a huge pool of players flocking in to try out the gravity-defying new mode.

Along with Super7, the new Series 30 update for Forza Horizon 4 will also drop on December 8. That includes new vehicles like the Koenigsegg Jesko along with five other hot rods to add to the already packed selection within the game.