Genshin Impact: Leveling and EXP boosts guide

Genshin Impact: Leveling and EXP boosts guide

Although you can level-up in Genshin Impact through questing and mob kills, that’s not just the only grind you have to go through. You still need to consider the various leveling items and EXP boosts that’d facilitate a character’s growth. Here’s our guide to help you out.

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Genshin Impact Leveling Guide Exp Hero's Wit 1a

Genshin Impact: Leveling and EXP boosts guide

First off, as mentioned in our beginner’s guide, leveling your characters is quite different from leveling your Adventure Rank. Although certain concepts are similar, the latter is to help progress the story further and provide more quests.

In any case, for leveling your characters, you’re mostly looking at mob kills and quest completions. Likewise, there are several kinds of leveling items, and foremost among these are the EXP booklets (aka. EXP boosts). Examples include:

    Wanderer’s Advice – +1,000 EXP Adventurer’s Experience – +5,000 EXP Hero’s Wit – +20,000 EXP

Genshin Impact Leveling Guide Exp Hero's Wit 1b

Hero’s Wit is actually very valuable. If you checked out our microtransactions guide, it’s cited that the Wayfarer’s Supply Bundle nets you x50 of these. However, be forewarned that this bundle costs 980 Genesis Crystals, Genshin Impact‘s premium currency.

Note: You also need to pay gold for every level-up using these booklets. Additionally, every new character you obtain in Genshin Impact starts at level 1 no matter how powerful they might’ve been while they were just a “trial” member of your party. As such, you’ll need 7x Hero’s Wit to have them reach level 20 which is the first hurdle.

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Ascension and Talents

Once a character reaches level 20, that’s when you’ll need to complete their Ascension. This requires a few materials collected from your adventures. Some, however, can be easily purchased from the Souvenir Shop (I’ll get to this in a while). Anyway, after completing the first Ascension, you’ll unlock a character’s talent. Basically, it’s a boost for one of their existing skills.

Completing the Ascension also increases that character’s level cap to 40. This requires hundreds of thousands of EXP – or 29 Hero’s Wit and 116,000 gold if you want a shortcut. From here, you’ll need materials for yet another Ascension/talent and level cap increase. It’s like climbing a mountain called Mount Microtransaction.

Genshin Impact Leveling Guide Exp Hero's Wit 2a

Souvenir Shop

The Souvenir Shop can be found in the main hubs (i.e., Mondstadt and Liyue Harbor). Just look for the NPC with the diamond icon.

The currency used by the shop in Mondstadt is the Anemo Sigil. Meanwhile, the one in Liyue Harbor uses Geo Sigils. These sigils are found by simply adventuring in their respective zones as random drops from enemy kills, chests, challenge completions, quests, and so on.

Gen Pct 1

In any case, the Souvenir Shop sells several Ascension leveling materials such as Agnidus Agate Sliver and Vajrada Amethyst Sliver. It also has materials for leveling weapons/crafting.

Some goals you can set your mind to, however, are the Constellation-activating materials for your Traveler/main character. The one in Mondstadt has the Constellation unlock for your Anemo (wind-based) Traveler and the one in Liyue Harbor has the unlock for the Geo (earth-based) main character.

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