Genshin Impact: Progression rewards and unlockables guide

Genshin Impact: Progression rewards and unlockables guide

In Genshin Impact, you’ve got a lot of menus and panels to look into just to find all the possible rewards. We’re not even talking about microtransactions yet. These are just the ones you obtain via progression or, in other cases, from the mailing system or limited-time events.

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Genshin Impact: Progression rewards and unlockables

While all of these panels can be found via the menu, some will have exclamation point tooltips as notifications on the upper portion of your HUD. The only exception would be the symbol at the far right-hand side of the HUD (character) as this usually tells you if there are dialogue lines that you can re-read.


Fate Foretold – These are the rewards you’ll find as you continue progressing through the story by increasing your Adventure Rank. These include “starter” characters that join your party. They don’t require any purchase.

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Seize the Day – These are your daily login rewards. Keep in mind that the daily reset is at 4 a.m. in your chosen server’s/region’s time:

    North America server – 4 a.m. at GMT-5 Europe server – 4 a.m. at GMT+1 Asia server – 4 a.m. at GMT+8

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People’s Choice – You’ll first need to reach Adventure Rank 20 to enter the Spiral Abyss.

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Test Run – This lets you use specific characters for a limited time in short trial runs. Do keep in mind that the ones featured here usually require you to purchase microtransactions.

The test/trial runs usually have one room with several enemies. It’s just to showcase a character’s abilities. After completing the test run, you’ll get a reward. You can also replay it to continue trying the character, but you wouldn’t receive rewards for later attempts.

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Adventurer’s Handbook

This is related to our Adventure Rank and Adventurer’s Guild guide. The gist is that this panel shows several tasks that can be completed as you’re journeying in Genshin Impact. You’ll receive items and currencies, as well as Adventure EXP to help you unlock additional quests.

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You can find the Achievements screen on your menu. This will show you several categories with many objectives that can be finished. Some are part of the main quest whereas others are just challenges such as mastering elemental status effects in combat or countering a specific enemy’s abilities.

Completing achievements nets you Primogems. These are the regular in-game currency that’s also obtained from quests and other facets of your journey. This is used to purchase Intertwined and Acquaint Fate for microtransactions like Wishes.

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Check your mail from time to time because developer miHoYo might send some goodies to celebrate some of Genshin Impact‘s milestones. There’s even a survey that you can fill-up to receive Primogems.

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Your birthday

From the menu, you’ll see a little line where you can input your birthday. Once the big day arrives in-game, check your mail to receive a Cake for Traveler. Err, it doesn’t really do much. If you use it via your inventory (precious items tab), you’ll get 1x Fragile Resin. This is used to replenish the resin that’s been depleted if you’ve been opening Ley Line and boss chests.

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Genshin Impact is available via its official website. For more information, check out our guides and features hub.