Genshin Impact: Slumbering Roots quest guide (Varuna Gatha)

Genshin Impact: Slumbering Roots quest guide (Varuna Gatha)

You’ll have several tasks ahead of you if you plan on completing the Varuna Gatha quest in Genshin Impact. One of these is Slumbering Roots, where you’ll meet an Aranara who’s not particularly nice to people. Here’s our Genshin Impact Slumbering Roots quest guide to help you with the tasks related to Varuna Gatha and Adventure with Aranara.

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Genshin Impact Slumbering Roots guide – Varuna Gatha quest chain

To get started with the Slumbering Roots quest in Genshin Impact, you’ll need to find someone named Arakunti. If you’re going to the marked location by gliding in the air, you probably won’t spot the entrance. That’s because it’s fairly well-hidden. Instead, you’ll want to follow the dirt path going south until you see a pit.

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Down below, you’ll meet up with Arakunti (he’s not a people person). Likewise, this large cavern does have an extra secret. If you already have the Vintage Lyre tune that can create Health Dendrograma, you can shoot the floating ornaments at the back tunnel.

This will remove the seal, allowing you to reach the opposite area that you visited during the Irate Iron Chunk quest.

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Anyway, your main goal here is to activate the pillar in the center. However, you’ll notice that something’s quite different. A marker then appears on your minimap, where you’ll see a round vase. Use the Vintage Lyre here to play a tune that transports you to the dream world. The rotating stones and wispy trails should now be visible.

Genshin Impact Slumbering Roots Varuna Gatha 1

Go ahead and make sure they’re facing the pillar in the center (i.e., two are on ledges and the third is further down). With the stones rotated, play the song again next to the vase and interact with the pillar.

When you’re done with the task, you’ll complete the Slumbering Roots quest in Genshin Impact. Don’t forget that you still need to do Memory of Stone and Irate Iron Chunk. Eventually, you’ll be able to enter the large structure housing the Varuna Contraption.

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