GTA Online Cayo Perico heist update gets new awesome trailer

GTA Online Cayo Perico heist update gets new awesome trailer

In just under a week, GTA Online will be bringing players to a remote island paradise as part of the new Cayo Perico heist update. In addition to the complex heist, you can also pass the time by spending your money at a new nightclub with real-world DJs that comes alongside the update. Just to get you all hyped up again about the GTA Online Cayo Perico heist update, Rockstar Games has dropped a new trailer.

The free update has been described by Rockstar as the largest of GTA Online adventures. Expect missions to bring you all over the island, before you swoop in for the big score at the end. As if that is not enough, a submarine is involved somehow. That submarine interior will surely make for some interesting times.

At the center of it all is drug trafficker El Rubio. The kingpin is definitely feeling safe on his island paradise. He is also blissfully unaware that you and your pals are on the way to rip him off big time. El Rubio is also supposedly the supplier to GTA Online character Martin Madrazo, who himself is a cartel boss. Perhaps you will be doing the world a favor as you plan this massive score with the GTA Online Cayo Perico heist update.

Taking advantage

It looks likely that you will be using El Rubio’s love for banging parties as your way in. On an island where anything goes, there is no guarantee what chaos you will be sowing on the way to the end.

The trailer also shows us glimpses of some crazy action. There is aerial combat, assault boats, bombs dropping, and just fun music to top it all off. Did I mention that beautifully rendered submarine? This GTA Online Cayo Perico heist update could just be yet another awesome addition to the game.

Gta Online Cayo Perico Heist Update Gets New Awesome Trailer 1

If it turns out not to be, at least you can drown your sorrows at the new nightclub.