Hammer time: Big Yeetus teased as new Fall Guys item

Hammer time: Big Yeetus teased as new Fall Guys item

There’s no question that Fall Guys has taken the internet by storm. The cutesy yet vicious battle royale style platformer has still managed to pull big numbers of Steam users, even having a peak of around 150,000+ in the last few days. During gamescom’s digital event, there were even talks of Season 2 and new things to come. However, developer Mediatonic has also been teasing something else, that being the Big Yeetus.

The Big Yeetus

The teases for the upcoming thwarter of beans comes from the Fall Guys official Twitter feed. Well, that is, when it’s not directly calling out its developer account as strictly a “meme account.” Despite this back-and-forth banter between the two housed under the same social media umbrella, there is some credence to the claims. For starters, it looks as though the team behind Fall Guys has been working on implementing this harbinger of yeet for more than just a fever dream–or maybe they haven’t.

For anyone who has played a game of Super Smash Bros. on a Nintendo platform, you’ll most likely recall the hammer item that appears on the map. Wielding it can either result in the immediate eviction of a nearby foe or leave you swinging to your death. Either way, this disrupts the normal flow of gameplay, leaving those still with health in their bar to sprint away from the deadly swings. This might prove even deadlier in Fall Guys if you are in fact able to wield it for your own sick enjoyment. But, it’s unclear if it will act as an obstacle or single item for one person to grab.

Getting medieval on ya

There are only a few teases of things to come in Season 2 of Fall Guys. Overall, there seems to be a medieval theme with new maps laid out like colorful castles. This also means new outfits for your duders, something also shown in the Fall Guys Season 2 sneak preview trailer.

Fall Guys is currently available on Steam for $19.99 USD.