Hearthstone reward system will get another overhaul to address concerns

Hearthstone reward system will get another overhaul to address concerns

If you are in the Hearthstone scene, you’re definitely aware of the debate surrounding some of the changes that were made to the game’s reward systems recently. Needless to say, fans remain unhappy over the way Blizzard has gone about tweaking the experience. Both the seasonal reward track as well as the premium Tavern Pass were not spared from the hate. After having promised that the new battle pass system would not reduce gold rewards, the exact situation played out. An apology was followed by a boost to gold rewards, but Blizzard also removed the other rewards. It has been a wild ride, to say the least, for the Hearthstone reward system.

Thankfully, some positive change seems to be on the horizon. Game Director Ben Lee has apologized in a new update, which also goes into details about an extensive overhaul that will hopefully solve the problems that fans have with the changes. It will arrive later this month.

One of the bigger changes to the current Hearthstone reward system will be the removal of weekly quests that require Legendary cards or playing in the Arena mode. These cuts were made as they escalated the barrier to entry, and is not something that Blizzard wants.

A laundry list of tweaks

Other changes are also incoming. The weekly quest that requires winning seven ranked games will be reduced to five wins, while both Tavern Brawls and Battlegrounds wins will also count towards your totals. Your daily quests will also reward more XP, jumping from 800 to 900 with the new changes.

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The reward track itself will see some balancing too. Overall progression will require a total of 37,000 less XP. This is to account for the removal of bonus XP that would have come from events. Instead, events will now grant event-specific rewards . This will also help Blizzard ensure consistency and parity across the board. Additionally, both Level 27 and 30 of the reward track will see players gain an extra 50 gold. Bonus levels reached after the first 50 levels will also be changed, going up to 350 instead of just 150.

This way, you will need less XP to level up, with 50 gold being your reward at each level. This will appeal more towards those who are not putting crazy hours into the game and the new Hearthstone reward system. Blizzard is making sure it addresses different problems players have with the system.

An ongoing process

While these changes are far from final, Lee has acknowledged that a balance needs to be struck between getting things right and planning for the future. There are also some ideas being considered in order to make the first 50 levels of the new Hearthstone reward system more rewarding for players.

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Rather than do nothing about it, Blizzard will be more proactive in identifying pain points and addressing them. This way, players can benefit, and the developers will be more clear moving forward.

How the community will react to the updated Hearthstone reward system remains to be seen. Once the update goes live later in the month, the jury’s out. For those not heavily invested, do note that Blizzard is also offering a one-time login reward between December 15 to January 18. Logging in will net you five Darkmoon Faire card packs and 500 gold.