Her Ex-Husband, Jon Hill, Demise Was Revealed By Jaclyn Hill

The social media platform’s most popular makeup tutorial creator, a YouTube celebrity, revealed the information after his family “requested her to.

She posted the following slide after being urged to do so by Jon’s family on Thursday via Instagram Account. We must inform you, dear readers, that on August 10, 2022, our dear Andrew Jonathan Hill died recently.

“We are all saddened by the abrupt loss,” the message said. The Hill family is asking for respect during this obviously difficult moment. Hill Family VR We still don’t know how the drummer passed away. The 32-year-old creator of Jaclyn Hill Cosmetics and Jon wed in 2009.

But, they announced their split in 2018, with Jaclyn claiming that while they didn’t get along as a couple, they would “always become wonderful friends.”

In 2019, Jon admitted to Billboard that his drug use was the cause of his breakup with Jaclyn. Jon had earlier been upfront about his battle with addiction.

“I was on so much medicine that it reached to the stage where I was getting seizures during our third year of the wedding,” he admitted to the publication at the time. “Hives began to appear on my skin. As a result, it became obvious that there was something amiss.

I was completely taken aback by that; he said Billboard. “We had a nine-year marriage. I was wondering about how wonderful it would be to spend Christmas with her and be clean for some reason.

You don’t adore me since you never desire to do stuff with me, she would frequently say. But it was because I had to constantly hide [my habit] from her.

So, he said, “I was simply distraught going home to discover all my things gone and not understanding who she’s with. “I was back on narcotics in two months.”