Here are some of the announcements from the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022

Here are some of the announcements from the THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022

The THQ Nordic Digital Showcase wrapped up earlier today, bringing a set of new game announcements and updates. Rather than focusing on what has been known, we decided to do a round-up of all the major announcements during the show. The showcase was far more reserved than ones we saw in June, but it nevertheless included some nice surprises.

Here are some of them.

THQ Nordic Digital Showcase 2022 game announcements Alone in the Dark returns

THQ Nordic announced Alone in the Dark, a reboot or “reimagining” of the original game from way back in 1992. Developed by Pieces Interactive, Alone in the Dark will feature a new story written by SOMA and Amnesia author, Mikael Hedberg. You’ll return to the Derceto Manor as Edward Carnby and Emily Hartwood as they battle eldritch monsters and solve puzzles.

Tempest Rising announced

Following up on the aforementioned blast from the past, Tempest Rising is another game announced during the THQ Nordic Showcase that harkens back to the ’90s. The strategic real-time strategy game is coming from Slipgate Ironworks and publisher 3D Realms. It’s being developed in the same mold as games like Command & Conquer.

Space for Sale let’s you be cute in space

Space for Sale is a strategic colony simulator in which you guide an adorable astronaut. You’re an “intergalactic property developer,” whose job is to construct buildings and homes for alien clients. The game includes multiple planets on which to gather resources and build.

Wreckreation may scratch that Burnout itch

I didn’t use “Burnout” lightly. Wreckreation, announced today during the show, is a racing and track-building game coming from the former developers of Burnout and Need for Speed. It looks like a combination of Hot Wheels tracks and Burnout, with death-defying loops and hazardous obstacles. What I find impressive is the ability to alter and build the track while you’re racing on it. Curves, ramps, giant rubber ducks, all these can be added during the race. It’s going to be intense.

Gothic 1 Remake gets a trailer filled with spiders because of course

It’s been more than two years since THQ Nordic confirmed a remake of the original Gothic. At last, the publisher has returned with a new trailer, one that includes giant spiders. Well, it was expected considering the original game, but it would have been great not seeing the killer arachnids for a little while longer. Still, Gothic fans should be excited to see there’s some serious progress being made on the classic RPG.

And more things to come

The 2022 THQ Nordic Digital Showcase ended with one last surprise announcement. Frankly, it was more of a teaser. In a final image, the publisher confirmed there are 26 more games in development. However, that number got scratch off as the voice of South Park‘s Randy Marsh chimed in and a final image materialized. The four leading kids of South Park were shown in a minimalistic style, with “South Park Digital Studios” written below. So, yes, there’s a new South Park game coming, but that’s all we’re getting for now.

Thq Nordic Showcase Announcements South Park

That wraps up the new announcements. To watch the whole showcase, check out the video below. You can also navigate to the THQ Nordic YouTube page to watch the trailers you want to see.