Here’s your first look at Apex Legends season 7 gameplay

Here’s your first look at Apex Legends season 7 gameplay

Just a few days ago, developer Respawn Entertainment showed off Olympus, the new map for Apex Legends. It introduced us to the colorful new playground that will be the backbone of season 7, alongside some other of this season‘s features. However, that was just a cinematic trailer, and the developer has now revealed actual gameplay.

Here, we get a proper idea at what Olympus brings. This is undoubtedly a bigger visual departure from King’s Canyon than World’s Edge was, as those two maps shared a lot of visual themes. World’s Edge did push Apex Legends down a more colorful route though, which Olympus takes to the next level. The map also features more urban, interior fighting than usual which should lead to more close quarters combat engagements. This is showcased in the gameplay video, alongside all the other season 7 features.

Olympus looks like a densely packed map, but a large one nonetheless. The new Trident vehicle could really come in handy, just for getting about the place, ducking and weaving between buildings and down alleyways. Closing out the trailer is of course Horizon, the new legend, executing somebody via a black hole. That’s a bad way to go out.

Scattered throughout the clip are glimpses at some new battle pass content too. New character skins for the Octane and Wraith legends crop up mid-gameplay, alongside a gorgeous new R-99 weapon skin. This thing looks like a weird carbon fiber dragon wrapped around a weapon or something and I’m totally on board.

Apex legend season 7 gameplay

Welcome to the club

The trailer again highlights Clubs, a big new feature coming to Apex Legends this season. We’re not entirely sure how significant Clubs will be, but it’s set to provide a new way to team up with online players. They currently support up to 30 people, and creators can suggest who should join based on common goals.

Apex Legends season 7, Ascension, arrives November 4.