Hone your animal instincts in new Desperados III free update and speedrun contest

Hone your animal instincts in new Desperados III free update and speedrun contest

Following last month’s free content update, Mimimi Games has released yet another Desperados III free update. This one brings four new Baron’s Challenges to test your strategic thinking once again. Most of them are still within the realm of plausibility, even with the more exaggerated nature of this world. However, the one standout has to be Rescue Aid Society. Here is the full breakdown of the Baron’s Challenges arriving in this Desperados III free update.

    Three Men with No Name: Where is Waldo? Identify three specific guards among the crowd of supposed doppelgangers on the map – and kill them!Bear Trap Triplets: We all know how much Hector loves his little Bianca. One can only imagine what he could do with three of them … why not put it to a test?Best Served Cold: Some poor guy didn’t know who the Baron was and cheated him. The Baron wants him found in a crowded market place and brought to the docks – dead or alive.Rescue Aid Society: Alas! Doc McCoy is being held prisoner in the Bayous. Isabelle’s cat Stella, a dog, and a chicken have formed a special animal commando unit to rescue the Doc.

There are also some minor bug fixes that address stability issues and the Showdown Mode as part of the Desperados III free update.

Calling all gunslingers

Mimimi Games and THQ Nordic are also spicing things up with the first ever Desperados III Speedrun Contest. The event is live from August 20 through August 23 and it is free for everyone to participate. All you need to do is submit a video of your run within the required parameters of the contest:

    Level: FlagstoneDifficulty: NormalSettings: Please reset the options to default in the options menu. However, you can use your own control schemes.Challenge: Complete the level as fast as you can without triggering any alarms.Video: To participate, you have to record your best speedrun playthrough of the described challenge above, then upload it on YouTube and send the uncut video link to [email protected]

The full rules can be found here. Naturally, no cheating is allowed, so keep your noses clean for this competition. Winners can win a variety of prizes, including the Desperados III Collector’s edition, digital keys for Desperados III, other THQ Nordic titles and even DLC.